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Free download: LIRPA

LIRPA by DestinyManifest

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Love.Sex.Polytrics ep on iTunes

Love.Sex.Polytrics..the ep

Coming to online retailers…

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FREE DOWNLOAD (right click and save as)—–> Girlfriend_ Wassup


This video reminds me of a peice I wrote and recorded several years ago, download here —–> 01 Commuting .


africa, middle east, revolution, oil, greed

The power of vulnerability

there’s a great deal of power in allowing ourselves to be “seen” by others. celebrate yourself, unapologetically. #noveneers

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

Battles are par for the course and sometimes great for Hip Hop culture (i.e. Juice Crew v. Boogie Down Productions, LL Cool J v. Kool Moe Dee, Eazy E v. Dr. Dre etc.) To deny this is to negate an intergal part of the culture. Hip Hop = competitive sport. Dont get it twisted…respect the art and the [...]

My hair..

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